Hi, I'm Hans Kärtner

I create content about entrepreneurship, blockchains and fintech innovations.

My most recent role has been as the Global Marketing Manager for a South Korean blockchain project, Sovereign Wallet.

Welcome to my personal website, hans.ee. It acts as a simple portfolio and blogging platform to share myself, my ambitions and my passions.

To get started, feel free to check out my blogs or my books list and you might just find something to inspire you!

Past projects

Dive into blockchain

Do you ever feel like "oh, everyone's talking about Bitcoin again - but I still don't know what it is and how to get started T_T"?

Or perhaps you feel intrigued already and have made your first steps into the digital currency world?

Whether you're an average Joe or a unique Jenna - if you want to know more about blockchain technology, I'd be glad to help you out. Reach out! I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have, and help you establish good practices for investing and keeping your digital assets secure.

For blockchain businesses, I offer my specialized skillset to help you develop better products and seize growth opportunities. My capabilities are more specifically detailed on the hire me page, but first and foremost I'm a problem solver with a very flexible approach. Don't hire me for a role - hire me for a problem. 😄

Interested in learning more? I'm excited to learn about your project and explore possibilities to collaborate.

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